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Client: Truro City Council

Location: Truro, Cornwall

Status: Ongoing

In 2020, KAST was approached by Truro City Council to design a new sports hub, cafe and winter garden within Boscawen Park to the south of the city.

The intention is to provide the park with a new destination building, providing a cafe, a covered garden space with indoor play, a range of lettable spaces and changing and storage facilities for the community sports that take place on evenings and weekends. The building will sit within the wider masterplan for Boscawen Park and the river-side area, developed by Mei Loci Landscape Architects.

The proposed design has been developed through consultation with Truro City Council and will be submitted for planning in the Autumn of 2022.

In collaboration with

Project Manager and Quantity Surveyor: Ward Williams Associates
Landscape: MeiLoci
Structural Engineer: WSP
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: WSP

The project will seek to reduce its environmental and carbon output through a focus on the embodied carbon, such as the materials used, and close attention to the building’s operational carbon, such as making the building more energy efficient.


The main structure will combine an exposed lattice of glulaminated timber frames and cross laminated timber panels. The fabric of the building will be highly insulated and airtight, while a roof mounted photovoltaic array will help to supplement energy demands.

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