Nicholas James

Director & Architect


Nick is the founding director of KAST. He holds a keen interest in the concept of regionalism and a critical awareness of designing in response to locality and climate.

Alex Cox

Architectural Assistant

Alex is a Part 2 architectural assistant having graduated from the Welsh School of Architecture, and prior to that Falmouth University. He has worked for practices in both the UK and Switzerland.

David Jones

Director & Architect



David is a fully qualified Architect with a wealth of experience, particularly in the private housing sector. David brings a rigorous and measured approach to his designs.

Jessica Fairlie

Architectural Assistant


Jess is a Part 1 architectural assistant having recently graduated from the University of Falmouth with First Class Honours and winning a student award for excellence in design.

Adam Collier

Director & Architect



Adam is an architect with experience of working in the UK and Australia. With an eye for high quality design, Adam can quickly turn his hand to a variety of project types.

Hugo Loydell

Architectural Assistant

Hugo is a Part 1 architectural assistant who recently graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL. He has a strong interest in the use of timber and parametricism in construction.

KASTArchitects is an award winning practice based in Cornwall.


Founded in 2014, the architecture studio now delivers a broad range of projects throughout the UK. Our design solutions are elegant, simple, cost-effective and innovative; underpinned by thorough research and an eye for detail.


We don’t adhere to an in-house style, rather we have an approach to design that is consistent in its commitment to low energy architecture, offering our clients a bespoke local design response in a sustainable and thoughtful way. We have a passion for delivering sustainable solutions with integrity, that are modern and yet sensitive to their context.


At KASTArchitects there is an energy and enthusiasm that drives our work, coupled with a respect for the people that we work with and the planet whose resources we are borrowing. Sustainability underpins, over-arches and threads through our approach to each project. It is fully integrated within the design process and therefore neither dominates our work, nor is it left to chance.


We value the people that we collaborate with and try to engender a culture of respect and openness, of finding solutions rather than highlighting problems and of positivity and laughter. In short, we work hard to ensure that the people we work with enjoy the experience and the end result makes our clients smile.


KASTArchitects is a small close-knit practice of individuals with complementary skills and talents. Our open plan office in the centre of Truro encourages collaboration and interaction and helps to strengthen our shared ethos and core values.


We offer a range of experience across a number of sectors, in particular one off bespoke houses, education projects and commercial office buildings, and we work to ensure the most appropriate team is assigned to each project to provide our clients with consistency and professional reassurance.


Being small means that each and every commission is important to us. It also means that we are able to ensure a personal level of service to our clients whatever the size of the project. 


We take pleasure in working alongside our clients, both private and commercial, and place great value on developing a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. The success of any project is dependent on a thorough understanding of a client’s key requirements and ongoing communication as the design evolves. We therefore endeavour to get to know our clients, their dreams and aspirations for a project, and as a result deliver great architecture.


Each member of the team brings with them a flair for high quality design and a passion for caring for the world around us.


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