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Client: Debbie and Laurence

Location: Helston, Cornwall

Completed: Spring 2017

In collaboration with

Contractor: JDS Properties and Developments

Structural Engineer: LB Structures

Photography: Richard Downer Photography

A sensitive extension to a Grade II listed barn in the grounds of a Grade I listed manor house. This project adds a new layer of history to the barn, signifying its conversion from agricultural to 21st century domestic use while creating a new entrance, living room and dining area. 

KAST Architects - Trenethick Barn - Material Detail

The lean-to is clad in timber and natural zinc, both of which are robust and low maintenance. Much like the materials of the existing barn these compliment the rural landscape and will weather and soften with age.

KAST Architects - Trenethick Barn - Ground Floor Plan
KAST Architects - Trenethick Barn - First Floor Plan

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KAST Architects - Trenethick Barn - Material Detail
KAST Architects - Trenethick Barn - Material Detail

“I love the original building, but I wanted a stronger connection with the garden, which this project has enabled.”


Debbie, client

"Creating a clear visual distinction between the barn and the extension, without offending the traditional 'Cornish barn' aesthetic was one of the key goals of the design."

Debbie, Client

English Heritage welcomed the clear distinction old and new and the fact that the new extension required no alteration to the existing barn. The contemporary form borrows the language of agricultural lean-to buildings common in the area.

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