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KAST achieves B Corp status!

We are excited to share the news that KAST Architects is now a certified B Corporation! This certification means that we have been through the assessment process to ensure that our company operates in a way which endeavours to use business as a force for good and continually strives to improve upon the moving baseline.

We have joined a family of like minded companies, many of whom are our sustainability heroes. Collectively we believe that people and place are of the utmost importance. We are all interdependent and therefore responsible for each other and the generations to come.

When we started KAST, we knew we wanted to run a company that, at its core, had a desire to design and build more sustainably. We have also always believed in the importance of staff health and wellbeing and how essential it is to strike a balance that puts home life over work life. For seven years we have felt in our heart that we were working in the right ways but had no real hard and fast method to demonstrate it.

The B Corp Impact Assessment enabled us for the first time to measure this in a meaningful way. It also highlighted areas where we could improve as a company in the way we look after our co-workers and manage our customers, engage with our local community and increase our environmental awareness.

So, being B Corp certified is a huge honour for us, but it is also just the beginning of our journey to continually progress, putting people and the environment first, collectively working to redefine what it means to be successful in business.

To find out more about B Corp, click here.


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