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Client: Cornwall Community Land Trust

Location: Lanivet, Cornwall

Status: Ongoing

KAST Architects - CCLT Lanivet - Visualisation 1
KAST Architects - CCLT Lanivet - Section
KAST Architects - CCLT Lanivet - Iso / Elevation Diagram

At the heart of the proposed development is a green, traffic free ‘street’ that provides a safe space for children to play and for community gatherings.


The street is scattered with native fruiting trees that bring nature in and provide a green buffer to prevent overlooking between the houses. In fact it will be possible to see trees and the natural world from every room in the proposed development.

KAST Architects - CCLT Lanivet - Isometric Diagram

The houses are separated from the traffic free street by semi private front gardens with low barriers that promote social interactions between neighbours. Kitchen windows look out onto the street allowing parents to keep an eye on playing children, whilst the private dining and living room spaces open out onto generous rear gardens. Upstairs the bedrooms have vaulted ceilings and ample built in storage.

As well as being clad in natural materials like slate and timber the houses have integrated bee bricks, swift boxes and bat roost spaces to support locally endangered wildlife.

Cornwall Community Land Trust approached us to help design an affordable housing scheme on the outskirts of Lanivet, composed of 2, 4 and 6 person houses.

The housing is arranged in three terraces that line the sides of a new community focussed street. Ample parking is provided as you pass through the hedgerow right next to the houses. The remainder of the site is given up to a childrens' play area, community orchard and areas of woodland for the benefit of residents and the wider community.

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