client: Private

value: Undisclosed

location: Dorset


Living more sustainably requires us to develop ways to live within our environmental means, especially in relation to our carbon footprint, maintain a healthy and comfortable quality of life and build strong cohesive communities.


BaleHaus addresses these challenges and offers a straightforward and practical way to reduce our footprint on the earth. It uses ModCell straw panels to provide a super-insulated home, made from locally available materials. BaleHaus is a light, airy, spacious and comfortable home, which has a minimal impact on the environment. 


As such, BaleHaus is an enabler of 21st century living, dispelling the myth that one’s lifestyle must be compromised in order to achieve a low carbon existence. Welcome to the world of low carbon chic!

Designed while at White Design Associates

All images and text © White Design reproduced with their permission.

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